The Arguments for Chiropractic Therapy and Your Child

Subjecting any child to medical treatment often gives cause for concern. However, according to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractic treatment is safe for people of all ages, including children and infants. In fact, some chiropractors promote the use of chiropractic on children to promote good health and well-being. Although, as a parent looking into the practice, you likely want reasons for taking your child to a doctor of chiropractic. Thankfully, there are several reasons for using chiropractic therapy for your child.

Promote Growth and Development

Parents can use chiropractic treatments to help promote healthy growth and development. Some studies even suggest that early chiropractic intervention can reduce the risk of certain health challenges, like reflux during nursing.

Reduce Interference with the Nervous System

Some children experience interference in the development of their spine and nervous system, which can lead to unfortunate side effects. Children experiencing such interferences are prone to asthma, bed wetting, ear infections and allergies.

Encourage Neural plasticity

Again, chiropractic therapy can encourage proper development, including nerve and brain development or neural plasticity. Children suffering from problems in this developmental area can struggle with labels, like ADHD and other neurological disorders.

Improve Immune and Digestive Health

Probably the principal reason to consider chiropractic therapy for your child is the potential positive effects on their overall health. Ensuring optimum spinal and nervous system development can lead to less immune system threats, like colds and infections. Also, some studies suggest reductions in colic and constipation.

Early intervention with chiropractic therapy can protect your child against a good deal of health-related setbacks. However, with limited studies, it is hard to determine any realistic expectations. The ACA stands behind chiropractic therapy as a safe and beneficial treatment for people of all ages, which at least suggests that childhood chiropractic treatments likely won’t harm your child.

For some, subjecting a child to any unnecessary medical procedure, even holistic care, is unethical. For others, neglecting to treat a child with preventative and potentially beneficial holistic therapy is neglectful. The core understanding from several studies is chiropractic treatment doesn’t present a significant risk of harm to patients, and the measurable results of such treatments are at least somewhat beneficial. You need to decide what is best for your child. If chiropractic therapy is something you strongly believe in, then contact a pediatric chiropractor or other doctors of chiropractic and schedule an assessment to discuss the potential treatment options for your child. A chiropractor can advise you on the safety and benefits of such treatments.



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