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Injections for remedying knee pain

Joints in the human body contain a fluid that acts as a lubricant between adjacent surfaces. A knee pain doctor explains this fluid acts much like lubricant in mechanical applications. For example an engine – the joint fluid is vital for protecting the delicate tissues of the joint, such as cartilage. Joint fluid contains a substance known as “hyaluronan” – which acts as the primary lubricant for your joints, allowing them to glide smoothly. 

By injecting special fluids with a hypodermic needle that contain hyaluronan, doctors can help osteoarthritis patients experience less pain, and ultimately enjoy greater mobility and quality of life. Recently, the practice has been revolutionized by the use of special x-ray imaging technology which allows practitioners to view real-time imagery of the knee joints to gather insights about what parts of the joint may need supplemental fluids. Blind injections of such fluids may miss the areas that need fluid the most – leading to wasted time and money for patients in need of relief from their pain.

What is a Fluoroscope?

A type of x-ray imaging technology that allows care providers to see imaging of the knee joint in real-time. With this technology, doctors who specialize in treating painful, debilitating conditions such as osteoarthritis can see the structure of the knee joint, and make data-driven decisions about where to administer injections – thus the term “guided injections”. Guided injections are quickly becoming the new standard of therapy intended to lessen pain caused by Osteoarthritis in the knees.

What are some of the potential side-effects of guided-injection treatments?

Patients who receive guided knee pain should consult with their knee pain doctor for more in-depth information about the risks and side-effects commonly associated with injection therapy. However, generally, the risks are rare and limited to minor swelling and mild discomfort, and a small amount of bleeding at the injection site.

The procedure is widely considered to be safe and effective for those with pain and loss of mobility due to osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis of the knee. If you suffer from knee pain caused by your osteoarthritis, consider contacting a knee pain doctor that specializes in guided-injection based therapies. Such treatments can provide qualifying candidates with relief for up to three months. Dr. Paris of Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania can explain in depth the intricacies of the process to prospective patients who are seeking relief from their pain.