Neck pain is a common ailment among adults. Whether it’s the result of a previous injury or arthritis, neck pain can make it more difficult to perform normal activities. As a neck pain doctor, can explain, you may be unknowingly doing things that are making the pain worse. Here are several things that can exacerbate neck pain.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Your sleeping position can have a large impact on your neck pain. If you tend to sleep on your stomach, your neck could twist and feel sore in the morning. Many people with neck discomfort find it helpful to sleep on their backs. Lying on your back will let your spine rest comfortably and reduce neck pain. For extra support, consider putting a pillow under each arm.

Not Drinking Enough Water

If you don’t drink enough water every day, now may be the time to start. Water benefits many parts of your body, including your neck. Since the discs in your neck are mostly water, drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help them remain pliable. 

Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. When you go out, bring a water bottle with you so that you remember to drink enough water.

Having Poor Posture

Too many people sit slouched in their chairs these days. Unfortunately, this can aggravate neck pain. If you have poor posture, it could put pressure on the ligaments and muscles in your neck. To prevent this, be more mindful of your posture when you sit down. Sit up straight with your shoulders pulled back. Additionally, try not to sit for too long at a time. If you work a desk job, try to get up every once in a while to give your spine a break.

Looking Down at Your Smartphone

Many people look down at their smartphones for hours every day. Eventually, this can take a toll on the neck. If you constantly look down at your phone, you could put a lot of stress on the ligaments and joints in your neck. Try to use your phone less frequently throughout the day.

If you’re dealing with constant neck pain, you may want to schedule an appointment with a neck pain doctor.